Durga Puja 2016

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Durga Puja Schedule 2016


“Ghoradanga”, a name of the remote village, this help you to learn the definition of purity from its nature and environment. You may learn from sky to fix your limit. The vast family tree of Banerjee family at “Ghoradanga” will help you to learn unity in diversity. The Durga Puja of our family will help you to remember that famous phrase “Old is Gold” as we have more than 350 years old Durga Puja. The word-of-mouth of our villagers helps you to learn about simplicity. So, with the thinking of my root village, I think, I feel, I dream to do something for our village and my family. Our village, vast family tree and our dynasty Durga Puja are the proudest of all members of our Banerjee family.

On behalf of our Banerjee Family at Ghoradanga, I am inviting you in our root village to view our more than 350 years old dynasty Durga Puja.

The remote village “Ghoradanga” is situated in the north eastern part of Burdwan District of West Bengal, India. In this village there are different types of Para (small region in a village) like Brahman Para, Ghosh Para, Hazra Para etc. We belong with Brahman Para. In this Para there are two families – Banerjee and Ghatak. On behalf of the Banerjee family at Ghoradanga, I am presenting to you this website to visualize our Banerjee Family in our root village and our dynasty Durga Puja.